Study in Chengde Medical University
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Chengde Medical University

Chengde Medical University (CDMU) was founded in 1945. CDMU is a public medical university which provides both bachelor degree programs and master degree programs. In 2007, CDMU got excellent level result in the State Ministry of Education's Undergraduate Teaching Assessment. The University is located in Chengde city, which is an internationally famous tourist city. In Chengde there is the largest imperial garden in China -- the Summer Palace Resort, which was built during the Qing Dynasty.

There are more than 9000 students in Chengde Medical Univeristy. There are ten bachelor degree programs and seven diploma programs for three years student. There are also 26 Master degree programs. There are 65 teaching and research sections, 15 lab centers, 17 affiliated hospitals(including non-directly under hospitals), and 54 teaching hospitals. There are also 7 scientific research institutions in the university. Among them, the Institute of Chinese Materia Medica has the only key lab in Hebei province to promote and expand the study and research of Chinese Materia Medica sanctioned by Hebei Province.

The university owns advanced teaching and research facilities and has a good academic environment. There is a staff of more than 1,800 at Chengde Medical University, over 1000 of them are academic faculty members and 500 of them are professors or associate professors. The university also invited more than 30 well-known professors from other countries to be named professors.

The total building area of the university library is 18,473 m². The library holds 570,000 print books, 180,000 electronic books. The library also provides various kinds of Medical databases.

The university attaches great importance to international academic exchange and cooperation. Up to now, friendly cooperation has been established with universities from Denmark, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Russia and Canada.

Chengde Medical University welcome youth from all over the world to study at CDMU.

Programs for International Students and Tuition


Undergraduate Programs

Clinical College

Clinical Medicine, Anesthesiology, Medical Imaging

Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integration of Traditional and Western Clinical Medicine, Acupuncture Moxibustion and Massage

Department of Nursing


Department of Chinese Materia Medica

Chinese Materia Medica

Department of Psychology

Applied Psychology


Note: International Students who apply for bachelor degree program must pass the Chinese language exam HSK 3. Those who apply bachelor degree of TCM, Chinese Materia Medica must pass HSK 6. International students whose Chinese language is not qualified will have to learn Chinese language for at least one year before the medicine study.






Academic Durations

Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Programs

Clinical Medicine

6 years


per year

Anesthesiology, Medical Imaging, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integration of Traditional and Western Clinical Medicine, Acupuncture Moxibustion and Massage, Nursing, Chinese Materia Medica, Applied Psychology

5 years


 per year

Chinese Language Learning



per year


Notes: The tuition fee covers Insurance fee(600rmb per year), and registration fee.

Other fees

1. Physical Examination: RMB 400 Yuan

2.  Text book fee: students should pay according to the books’ price

3. Insurance: According to the regulations of the State Ministry of Education, applicants need accident and injury insurance and hospitalization insurance in China. CDMU will purchase the insurance for the students who will study at CDMU for more than one year.

4. Residence Permit: 800RMB per year


Living on Campus:

--Living facilities:

    Two share one room, telephone, TV, center heater

    Public bathroom and public kitchen on each floor

--Accommodation: RMB 3,500 Yuan per year (two share one room)

--Dinning Hall on the campus, there is Muslim dinning hall

--Food Expense: Students can eat on campus in the student dining halls, and daily expenses are approximate 10-20 RMB per person on average themselves.

Application and Enrollment

Admission Requirements

1.  Applicants should have a good school record and be in good health.

2.  Applicants for degree programs are required to have an education equivalent to, or higher than, that for a Chinese senior middle school graduate; age 18-30.

Documents needed (by email, fax, post or submit directly to Chengde Medical University)

1.  Application form for foreigners wishing to study in Chengde Medical University

2.      Passport copy

3.      Diploma of the Most Advanced Studies(Notarized photocopy)

4.      Transcript of the Most Advanced Studies ( Notarized Photocopy)

5.      Foreigner Physical Examination Form (Photocopy)

6.      Finance Certificate

7.      HSK certificate

8.      No-criminal Certificate


 An Admission Notice and a Visa Application Form for Overseas Students (Form JW202) will be sent to each successful applicant. Overseas applicants can apply for an X visa (for foreign students) to China at their local Chinese Embassy or Consulate with the Admission Notice, passport, Form JW202 and Physical Test Records (originals) required. Each student should register for the course at the CDMU bringing the originals of the above documents with them within the specified time.

Time for register at CDMU

March or September




International Education and Exchange Center

Chengde Medical University

Shang Er Dao He Zi, Chengde City, Hebei Province, P.R.China 067000

Email: wsk@cdmc.edu.cn    iao.cdmc@gmail.com

Phone: 86 314 2291113

Fax: 86 314 2291113


About Chengde

Chengde is not only a famous historical and cultural city, but also a modern tourist destination. It has a rich historical heritage, limitless culture inside information, and magnificent and elegant nature landscape. Located in the north of Hebei Province, Chengde City neighbors Beijing and Tianjin, and borders on Liaoning Province and the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region in the north and is only 200 kilometers from Beijing. It covers a total area of 44,710 square kilometers and has a total population of around 8.85 million.

Chengde is a famous tourist city famous for its “Summer Mountain Resort” and numerous Outlying Temples. The Summer Mountain Resort was built during the Qing dynasty, and is the largest imperial garden in the world. There is a huge lake, picturesque mountains and a variety of buildings showcasing ancient Chinese architecture. The scenery is quite breathtaking. The Outlying Temples were also built during the Qing dynasty and provide an interesting historical glimpse into Chengde’s past. Chengde is listed as: one of many national historical cities, one of ten Chinese biggest scenic spots, a national key scenic spot area, and a national class open city.  In 1994, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) authorized the Summer Mountain Resort and Outlying Temples as being listed as a “world culture inheritance,” thus boosting Chengde as a “world famous culture city”.

The traffic in Chengde is convenient. The cost of living is cheap. The people speak the highest standard of Mandarin Chinese. It is a quiet town. It is also a fast developing city.


Chengde Climate

Set between the Innner Mongolian Highlands and Northeastern plains, Chengde has a continental climate with distinctly separated four seasons. Winter temperatures tend to be slightly higher than other areas of the same latitude, and cool summers bring Chengde its fame as a summer resort.

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